ebbf’s 27th international annual conference:

May 4 - 7 , 2017

Join mindful people from around the world exploring how to create economic systems and workplaces that contribute to a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization.

We will start by understanding diversity in all its forms: diversity of views, of economic systems, of company cultures, of gender and explore its possibilities and how to harness its potentialities.

We will then explore how workplaces and economic systems are evolving and the new ways to harness diversity creating a new breed of collaborative, learning organizations.

You will receive and create new insights, ideas, questions and processes allowing you to adapt in a better way to the fast evolving environment that surrounds us and the increasing need to connect business models and economic systems to meaningful impact on society.

In this meeting, we aim to open our eyes to new trends and explore together the new mindsets that will allow us to fully harness the new world order that is emerging, having us and our organizations thrive fully in this exciting and fast changing world evolution.

Join us in GENEVA:
from 17:00 on Thursday 4th until lunch on Sunday 7th of May 2017





March 27, 2017

Join our next free webinar :

 Leading & Working in Multicultural Teams" on Monday 27th March, 12pm UK time

Is globalization bringing us closer together? Think again. With refugees crossing cultures without preparation, in extreme haste for basic survival, the vastly documented dangers of intercultural miscommunication are intensifying. Already, in a multicultural workplace or in international teams dispersed around the globe, tensions multiply when disagreements occur over the smallest of things. In our hyper-connected world (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc.), colliding cultures increasingly cause misperceptions and mistrust, affecting worker performance and productivity.

The purpose of this webinar is to explore varying approaches to work and conflict resolution that impact productivity and trust when working with people from diverse backgrounds. We will look at a case study of a failed international merger and 2-3 critical incidents that highlight the need to be aware of culture-specific core values that underlie behaviour and use this as a springboard to build trust with international colleagues and business partners.

Key learning points in this webinar will include:
• A method to approach cross-cultural situations confidently
• Skills to build understanding across cultural gaps
• Collaboration that leverages differences as assets

Register Online: https://weconnect-leading-multicultural-teams.eventbrite.com


Can't make the date?
If you can't make the time of the webinar on Monday 27th March but are interested in hearing the content, please register for the event and a recording of the webinar will be sent to you afterwards so that you can listen to it whenever it suits you


Our Presenter

Christina Kwok s a global leadership coach and the owner of  Cross-CulturalSynergies  , a WEConnect International women-owned business.



WIN Conf

September 28 - October 1, 2016

WIN Global Conference, Rome

Workshop : Cultural Intelligence, the Competitive Edge for Global Leaders

The format of the workshop (90 minutes):
• Sensitize participants to cultural differences around the world, with anecdotes, failures and success stories (20-30 mins)
• Interactive Exercises:
o  Understanding our Core & Flex
o  Core values: “I would always ……..” “I would never ……..”
o  Flex values: “I don’t mind …….”
o  How Core/Flex changes over time as we age
o  Consequences of being all Core, no Flex
o  Consequences of being all Flex, no Core
Managing the boundary between Core & Flex over time is key to cultural intelligence as it helps us to face unfamiliar situations without fear of compromising on what matters. It shows us how to motivate culturally diverse groups.





May 17, 2016

Zurich Insurance Lunch & Learn

Presentation: Why Leaders need Cultural Intelligence

IQ, EQ now CQ?  As globalization has rendered the business environment more complex, dynamic, and competitive, the ability to function effectively in different cultural contexts, called Cultural Intelligence (CQ), has never been more important for organizations, leaders and employees.

Employees who possess a high level of cultural intelligence play an important role in bridging divides and knowledge gaps in an organization: educating their peers about different cultures; transferring knowledge between otherwise disparate groups; helping to build interpersonal connections and smooth the interpersonal processes in a multicultural workforce

ZILL Teaser

ZILL Presentation





Maloja Palace

April 8-10, 2016

Switzerland Philosophy Salon, Maloja Palace, St. Moritz

Discussion: Cultural Intelligence in a Changing World

We live in an age where the world is getting smaller and more interconnected but much more complex. Our external environment is changing rapidly and all the challenges we see today will require international collaboration to solve.

But how well do we understand the cultures around the world that we need to work with to bring international projects (such as ‘saving the environment’) to fruition?

SwPhS Ten Major Cultural Differences

SwPhS Eight Poles for Cultural Intelligence

SwPhS Conversation Menu

SwPhS IMG_3253





March 30, 2016

Walk The Talk (WTT),  Toastmasters Zurich

Workshop: Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Did you know that there are 10 major cultural dimensions around the world that distinguish 70% of the world’s societies from Western European & North American cultures ?

Leading with cultural intelligence is a prerequisite for the 21st Century. The ability to integrate cultural intelligence in global leadership roles will be the defining criteria for being successful in international endeavours.

TM Talk Description




January 23, 2016

ETAS  Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Presentation: Leading with Cultural Intelligence in the 21st Century

 In an increasingly globalized world, the ability to lead and motivate across
cultures with cultural intelligence will be the defining criteria for being
successful in international endeavours.  

ETAS Outline of Talk





May 17, 2014

Workshop on International Business Communication at JCI

Christina will be leading a Workshop on International Business Communication on May_17 on behalf of Language Studies International, Zurich on the occasion of the JCI Training Day 2014, an organization providing development opportunities that empower young people.












Oktober 1 & 17, 2013

Workshops on Developing intercultural skills at Zürich Financial Services

Workshop One : Developing intercultural skills 1A

Objectives: To understand what culture means. To talk about some challenges of working across both national and corporate cultures. To learn ways to describe your own culture (national, corporate) as well as that of others.

Workshop Two : Developing intercultural skills 1B

Objectives: To look at how to develop flexible thinking ie. to look at the world from the other person's point of view. To learn strategies to support others in developing flexible thinking











September 25, 2013

31. SKO-LeaderCircle Meeting of the Schweizer Kader Organisation

«Generation Y in der Führung – alles ist möglich, nichts bleibt.»

Networking Event : Challenges of managing a 'Generation Y' workforce








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