Do you work in an international business environment where just speaking ‘good English’ isglobe not enough in itself? Do you find it challenging sometimes to understand and engage with those team members who come from, say, different national cultures? How well are you adapting to the differences in communication styles and ways of working in your team?

Come to these introductory workshops to get some preliminary insights into the secret of communicating successfully across cultures. Whether you receive overseas clients, visit suppliers abroad, work in international teams, participate in international conference calls, present or negotiate in a global business setting, you will find that communicating effectively is the key to doing business successfully in an international environment.

To communicate effectively, you need to:

These workshops will help raise your awareness of the importance of using a variety of skills and techniques to improve your performance at work. We will look at different attitudes to the use of emails and phone calls as well as examine 2 critical incidents where misunderstanding and conflict arise in a meeting regarding a ‘change’ project and in a verbal negotiation of a business contract.

Finally we will discuss the importance of first meetings with key international contacts and how to adapt our style of communication when handling small talk in a social situation

Workshop W101 (two hours) - Developing Intercultural Skills 1
Introduces you to the concept of culture and what it means. We discuss national and corporate culture and equip you with terminology and ways to describe culture, your own and that of others.

Workshop W102 (two hours) - Developing Intercultural Skills 2
Equips you with strategies for keeping an open mind if communication breaks down with international colleagues. You will learn alternative ways of interpreting the behaviors of people from a different cultural background.

Workshop W103 (two hours) - Managing first meetings
Aims to understand different attitudes to small talk and how to use different styles of small talk to build relationships with key people you meet for the first time.

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