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Are you tired of struggling to get results from your culturally diverse team?

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Companies do business with partners all over the world in today’s increasingly globalized world. To be an effective leader, you need to work with talented people from different national and cultural backgrounds in order to benefit from their know-how and experience. That’s the only way to ensure that your international projects – no matter how big or small – are successful!

How can you make sure that your intercultural team work remains goal-oriented and can be accomplished without unnecessary friction?
abYour team not only has to be sensitized in advance to possible sources of irritation, misunderstandings and conflicts. It’s even more important that they’re able to identify and define common values as the basis for a trusting and successful working relationship!
Introducing a market-validated and research-based teambuilding approach that helps teams to genuinely “connect”, build great relationships, resolve cross-cultural team conflict and work better together.

Whether you are a business manager working with an international customer, a project manager leading a multi-cultural team or a global team leader heading an international team responsible for a global product, at Cross-Cultural Synergies, we can help you with time-tested solutions to understand the key factors that drive successful performance at work.


Having years of practical experience working with business, finance and technical professionals to improve their business communication skills and workplace performance. I also acquired insight into learning approaches that combine relevant content with effective delivery and training methodology to engage various learning styles. My training approach facilitates your teambuilding efforts and enhances performance all round, helping you achieve your organizational goals.


We will walk you through the maze of obstacles that stand in the way of your building a powerful multicultural team using a simple and easy-to-understand process that help you to:

  • maximize the personal potential of team members
  • build a balanced and productive team that effectively communicates shared expectations about outcomes and goals
  • resolve unhealthy conflicts that get in the way of work
  • embrace cultural differences and effectively harness creativity from diversity
  • build constructive relationships to achieve team and organizational goals, and dramatically improve customer satisfaction

If you are ready to move to the next level and make it a game changer, give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss your needs.

We start by figuring out what challenges your team faces. We spend time talking about your team’s current strengths and weaknesses. We ask you questions to identify the root of any problems. Only then can we evaluate what sort of training your team needs:

  • Choose one or more of  the International Team Building (DPI) modules for teambuilding with a cross-cultural focus if your teams are multicultural or global and would benefit from acquiring intercultural awareness and developing intercultural sensitivity towards the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of their team colleagues. This is essential for building team commitment, trust and accountability.
  • Choose the Team Management Profile (TMP), a psychometric tool for teambuilding in teams that are internationally experienced to improve or maintain team performance, address blind spots, enhance communication and leadership skills while boosting overall team morale. This helps to increase the sense of personal well-being as well as job satisfaction which translates in turn into superior team results.


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